Journal of Economic Development
No. 189 , May 2010, Page 37-44

Critical Success Factors In Knowledge Management: An Analysis Of The Construction Industry In Vietnam

This paper aims to determine the factors affecting to the success in knowledge management by carrying out the survey of the construction industry in HCMC. While Vietnamese construction firms have recently been facing many crises, the efficient management and operations of foreign construction firms provide some useful experience for local companies. The result of 150 respondents surveyed in the construction industry reconfirmed that the criteria of effectiveness in knowledge management can be measured by quality of service/product delivered, customer satisfaction level and profit performance which are the three of the most widely agreed criteria in most previous studies. Also it is found that knowledge management effectiveness can be considered as the uni-dimensional construct, because results of the factor analysis have showed that only one factor was extracted and specified as knowledge management effectiveness. A new finding from this paper is that the success factors on the KM effectiveness developed by Khalifa and Liu (2003) including KM strategy, culture, people, leadership, technology and can be merged into three new critical success factors, named as KM Social Capability, KM Process and KM strategy.

Knowledge Management; Knowledge Management Effectiveness; Knowledge Management Components; Social Capability; Process; Strategy; Construction Industry.
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