Journal of Asian Business and Economic Studies
Vol. 27(1) , April 2020, Page 66-80

Fiscal sustainability in developing Asia – new evidence from panel correlated common effect model
Bùi Duy Tùng

DOI: 10.1108/JABES-01-2019-0001
Purpose The purpose of this paper is to investigate the problem of fiscal sustainability for a panel of developing Asian economies. Design/methodology/approach In this study, cross-section dependence and heterogeneity are controlled while estimating the fiscal reaction function, which shows how governments react to the accumulation of public debt. The study employs the common correlated effects mean group estimator in Pesaran (2006) for a panel of 22 developing Asian economies for the period 1999‒2017. Findings It is found that the fiscal sustainability issue in the region is not so benign as in previous studies. Overall, fiscal policy is unsustainable, even for the nonlinear fiscal rule. Country-specific long-run coefficients are also examined in the study. Research limitations/implications The findings show that many developing economies in the region could not satisfy the intertemporal budget constraint, which raises concerns about debt sustainability in the area, especially for the post-crisis period. Originality/value This study investigates whether governments can maintain the sustainability of public finances in the long-run, if the ratios of public debt over GDP and primary deficit over GDP continue their recent problematic trends. Another novelty is controlling for heterogeneous effects among the countries in the region to give a more precise picture of debt sustainability. The empirical evidence also supports that insolvency risk can occur at low levels of public debt.

Fiscal sustainability, CCEMG, Developing Asia
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