Journal of Asian Business and Economic Studies
Vol. 28(1) , March 2021, Page 31-46

The INCITE model of policy development for the creative industries: The case of Vietnam
Marta Gasparin & Martin Quinn

DOI: 10.1108/JABES-12-2019-0125
"Purpose – This paper develops a new model of policy development for the creative industries in a transitional economy setting. These sectors could potentially make a significant contribution to the continuing growth of the Vietnamese economy; however, they are currently held back by a lack of policies designed to support them Design/methodology/approach – The paper uses data collected from a mixed-methods study of the creative and cultural sectors in Vietnam. The paper combines quantitative results from a mapping project with ethnographic observations and several qualitative interviews to identify the policy needs of the sector. Findings – The paper develops the INCITE model of policy development composed of four parts: education and human resources, infrastructure, intellectual property rights and freedom of speech. Originality/value – The paper contributes to our understanding of the kinds of policies needed to support the creative industries by exploring their development in an economy transitioning from a state planned economy to a market-driven one."

Creative industries, Policy development, Transitional economies, Vietnam.
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