Journal of Economic Development
No. 185 , January 2010, Page 25-30

Bến Tre Tourism: Facts And Solutions For Development
Hoàng Thị Chỉnh & Truong Van Quoc

In what direction should Ben Tre tourism develop? This is a question that the provincial leadership and economic experts are much interested in. This paper introduces Ben Tre tourism, from its potentials to development solutions which are regarded as an important itinerary in the socio-economical strategy of the province, which re-affirms the economic structure of Beán Tre. In writing this paper the authors have used analytic statistical approach, descriptive comparison, especially the authors have had a survey of 200 enterprises operating in the field of tourism so as to try to find out what tourists thought about tourist products and the potential and elements having impact on Beán Tre tourism. Besides, the authors have also made use of secondary data supplied by the Beán Tre Cultural, Sports, and Tourism Department, and Ben Tre Statistics Office, among others. With a natural area of 2,360.2 square kilometers on even terrain full of rich and bushy orchards along large rivers entangled by a system of canals favorable for waterways, Beán Tre is an islet province having lots of tourist potentials, especially ecological tours. However, in reality, this advantage of Beán Tre has not been fully exploited when the number of tourists visiting Ben Tre is still scanty, services have not yet developed, tours are not carried out professionally, and economic efficiency is still not high… In order to develop the local inherent potentials of this very attractive “smokeless” industry, it is necessary to analyze affecting factors, find out the current state of operation, point out the orientation and propose solutions to achieve that orientation. This is a useful task not only for the draftsmen of the province’s economic development policy but also for those who are interested in and deeply loved this brave Dong Khoi native country.

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